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Imagination Station.

You’ve got an idea; we’ve got the skills. At Eight Ball Studio, our pencil-wielding, canvas-slaying designers strive to bring your ideas and imagination to life.

So jump on board and hold on to your ear lobes, next stop; the Imagination Station.

Our Services

With a wave of our brush and a stroke of our pencil, our empty canvas will be filled with your ideas.

Branding and Logo

Don't have a forgettable face. Let our designers create a memorable and expressive brand theme for you.

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Powerful, cohesive branding is essential, it's what people see and identify you or your business for. We offer branding services for everyone, no job too big or small.
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Document Templates

Who is this invoice from? Our designers can carry your branding through to your documents to make them extra special.

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Don't let people forget who you are. Keeping cohesive and consistent branding to your documents will help your customers remember who you are.
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Social Media Templates

Don't let your competitors out style you online. Let our designers ensure your social media posts are stylish and colourful.

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The online world is large and dangerous. Our designers can have your posts and online presence styled and express you and your business.
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Stationary Design

Don't confuse your water bottle at weekend sports. Our designers can ensure your brand and style works for all your stationery needs.

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Do you know what a vector is? Our designers do, and they are ready to scale, crop and chop your branding to make sure it looks good on any size water bottle, t-shirt, cap, socks or even underwear.
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Print Design

Don't waste money on multiple re-prints. Our designers can work closely with your prints and provide the correct files and specifications, so you get the best print every time.

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Printing is expensive, but you know what's more expensive? Printing multiple times. Our designers know what they're doing and can ensure a smooth printing experience for your big event.
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All things graphics.

Whether it's drawings, paintings, logos, mugs, banners, signatures, documents or family portraits, our designers can get it done.

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We couldn't possibly list everything we can do, and these services are a sprinkle of the magic our designers make. So get in touch and let's discuss how our designers can make something special.
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Into the Imaginarium

About Us.

What is the Imaginarium?

Truly? We don’t know. It’s different for everyone, sometimes it’s pure chaos sometimes it’s rainbows and roses. What we do know is that everyone is different and unique, and we carry that to our work.

Every project is tailored to you; the customer. Our designers work one on one with our customers to take their abstract vision and make it real.

With a skip in our step and pencils sharpened, we aim to provide a theatrical experience, full of colour, laughs and joy.

Masters of Imagination

Meet the masters of theatre and imagination, the magicians who create your realities.

Gabriel Aloisio


Once fought an albino cow

Harrison Kotrolos


Was raised by an albino cow

Alexander Kotrolos


Dreams of albino cows

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Ready to get your creative juices flowing? Our designers are currently busy partying while they wait for their calling.

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